LOCUS-T Introduces Google AdWords and PPC Services at Very Competitive Prices

(PRWEB) January 24, 2013

When a business has a website, it needs to do more in order to increase sales. Courtesy of internet marketing, it can boost sales considerably and there are many types which a business can choose. LOCUS-T is able to help through a highly effective and competitively priced PPC Service which continues to be chosen not just by companies in Malaysia but those around the world.

A form of internet marketing, LOCUS-Ts PPC Service continues to benefit every business that chooses it. Advertisements are placed onto relevant areas where they are likely to be seen. An advertisement for a company that specializes in confectionery would look out-of-place if it featured on a search engine after a web user tries to look for childrens toys. LOCUS-Ts PPC Service is cost-effective because companies are only charged when an advertisement is clicked on. Therefore, not only are advertisements seen by relevant individuals but, when they are charged for a PPC Service, it will be money well spent.

Not only can LOCUS-Ts PPC Service help businesses but their AdWords Services can also assist companies of any size. Another successful form of internet marketing, LOCUS-T is able to deliver an exceptional performance because only systems which are ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified are used. The first company in Malaysia to be a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Yahoo! Search Marketing (SEA) Authorised Reseller, LOCUS-T can help a website by putting advertisements in the correct locations.

So, how much does LOCUS-T charge for its Google AdWords services or PPC services? Competitively priced, LOCUS-Ts hard work will reap many dividends. As both the number of clients which a business has and profit margins increasing, the initial investment which a company makes on LOCUS-Ts AdWords Services/PPC Service will be worth every penny.

With an impressive ROI (Return on Investment) guaranteed for its Google AdWords Services and also its PPC Service, the popularity and success of any website will more than likely increase tenfold when LOCUS-T is responsible for carrying out these forms of internet marketing.


The first company in Malaysia to be certified as a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Yahoo! Search Marketing (SEA) Authorized Reseller, LOCUS-T aims to meet the demands and expectations of their customers. When LOCUS-T spearheads a websites PPC and AdWords Service, its profit margins can increase considerably.


Company Name- LOCUS-T

Telephone Number- 603-7118 2173

Fax Number- 603-7118 2176

Email Address- sales.my(at)locus-t.com

Website Address- http://www.locus-t.com

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