12 Replies to “Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence 2009”

  1. you really dont get the point – these are a bunch of isolated geeks – they know all about your poor prototype and just like the rest; its a fail besides that you miss the point whose to say other people aren’t doing the same (sans intelligence)? you cant say your not in the matrix now, and you cant tell if im conscious – if a machine could pass the test it would be a big step forward – but not quite there. If you dont understand the complexities of philosophy – keep your mouth shut

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me? I run a very successful chatbot (Mitsuku) and my bot and the others like it are no more than a computer program designed to pick up on phrases and give answers back. They have NO intelligence of their own and certainly won’t give rise to a breed of Terminators. It’s like a magic show, once you know how the trick is done, it loses its mysteriousness.

  3. I believe in science. I do not believe in god. I say that so you dont think I am some type of religious freak. Having said that, I now say that these men – and men like them, will be responsible for the fall of humanity long before global warming or global war. I enjoy computers and technology. I also enjoy sex. But , I do not enjoy rape. These men are, to technological advancement, what rapists are – to lovemaking. People ask me, “Why do you smoke a pack a day – don’t you know it will kill you

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