LOGMyCalls Disclosed Third Top Call Tracking Software by topseos.com for December 2013

(PRWEB) December 09, 2013

topseos.com has announced LOGMyCalls as the third top call tracking service in the month of December 2013. Search engine marketing consultants are put to the test by the independent research team at topseos.com to learn which consultants offer the top call tracking services. The standings are adjusted on a monthly basis based on the most recent accomplishments of contesting call tracking consultants.

Search marketing software companies are evaluated through a thorough evaluation process to identify which software companies to highlight in the ratings. While there are thousands of call tracking software companies, the ratings are comprised of the absolute best the search marketing industry has to offer. The independent research team assesses various call tracking software companies across five areas of evaluation in order to identify the overall level of performance in areas including support, reporting methods, software features, ease of integration, and GUI interface.

The independent evaluation team spends time identifying the search engine marketing industry as a whole to better understand how performing call tracking software companies influence the industry. Time is spent visiting various trade shows to obtain a wider apprehending of the industry and to connect directly with call tracking software companies in a neutral setting. Customer references are often used as another metric to establish which call tracking software companies produce the top solutions.

LOGMyCalls has been scrutinized as a part of the methodical examination and has earned their standing as the top call tracking service. Through strong client references and high scores in each of the five areas of evaluation, LOGMyCalls has passed each phase of the examination process. Those hunting for a strong call tracking service to assist them should consider LOGMyCalls.

About LOGMyCalls

LOGMyCalls offers businesses a smart and flexible way of controlling and tracking phone sales through unique phone numbers and the availability of customization and integration within various CRM software. Each call is tracked through various methods including the recording of calls and creating score cards for each call in order to better control and organize callers based on their interests. The service can be integrated into mobile, online, offline and social marketing ventures.

About topseos.com

topseos.com is an established independent research firm focusing on the evaluation and ratings of search marketing solutions all around the world. The ratings are established by the independent research team each month to highlight the best call tracking solutions based on their achievements and their rating achieved through the proprietary evaluation process.

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