LoL Season 3 Ranking System Explained

LoL Season 3 Ranking System Explained Click here to watch League of Legends Player Spotlight – Xpecial LoL Season 3 Ranking System Explained Riot just r…

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24 Responses to LoL Season 3 Ranking System Explained

  1. GabzitoHD says:

    if you switch server from nordic and east to eu west, will you lose all your ranked stats and get put down to the lowest tier in bronze?

  2. YerBoyTroy says:

    whats the name of the music?

  3. Kyle Stanley says:

    you will not drop in leagues, gold 5 is the lowest you will be for the season

  4. Milos Kasalica says:

    i now gold division 5 can i down to silver divison 1 if i lose next all games?

  5. GodzofGame says:

    If you lose ur 3 game division series, do you stay up for promotion to replay the series or do you lose lp and have to re-accumulate 100 league points?

  6. Marco Leschly Boisdon says:

    Yes. You go down one division when you reach 0 points and then lose a game. For example, i am now bronze division 4 because i had a losing streak thanks to trolls.

  7. pradia12345 says:

    Is it possible to go down division?

  8. TalonV9 says:

    I would say I agree with the 500 win range. My friends hit lvl 30 so fast that they were still not as experienced and lost a lot of ranked matches.

  9. Anthony Bagby says:

    No way that you have the rune/champion pool to start ranked as soon as you hit thirty, let alone the knowledge.

  10. Treevor says:

    Why stay at normals when you can go ranked?, after leveling to 30 you know enough to start rankeds, and climb up.

  11. Wablestomp2 says:

    Yes……. are you kidding?

  12. fyrstikkesken says:

    Wow You Are A Mad One 😀

  13. 2eZyTR says:

    lets say a person is in gold division II …. can he be matched against lower division players? please help

  14. EminaWitch says:

    yes, and hopefully you have at least 300 wins before u start

  15. sivehs says:

    yes, and you have to own at least 16 champions

  16. Luis Lopez says:

    Well I Can Type How Ever The Fuck I Want!!! OK SO FUCK OFF!!! 😀

  17. Shane Rogers says:

    Approximately how many points do you gain/lose from a single ranked match?

  18. Ghossteffect says:

    u explained nothing at all

  19. fyrstikkesken says:

    You Still Type Capitals For Every Word You Type I See? Well Sir, I Just Mispelled The Word:) What I Meant Was ”Necessary”. Wow It Takes So Much Time To Type Like This ..

  20. Chaós Angeloid says:

    …and just because you did that means you’ll recommend everyone to do so?i got laid at 15 doesn’t mean i’ll recommend it to everyone. just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  21. Alexis M says:

    oh got it tnx

  22. madheadsproductions says:

    lol, how is this a top comment.

  23. kalamariwta says:

    yes, and own 16 champions

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