London Food & Drink News: 22 February

London Food & Drink News: 22 February
It opens, with a new tasting menu, next week. Mezcal is threatening to become this year's break-out … The latest venture from Rushmore Group (The Player, Giant Robot) is Rotary Bar and Diner on City Road. It opens a week from today for a ten month spell.
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"Terminator" Gets A Nice Chrome Polish Review
And the de-skinned robot looks terrible—it's like the skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts (1963). … In The Terminator, Arnold moves freely and expresses emotion during action sequences that aren't very robotic. … It took me a few frustrating …
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Forget saving the world: In Time and Eternity, you have to save your marriage
The controls are simple: Ranged and melee commands share the same button (with your powers mapped to the others), L1 is your block (and if timed right, a counter), R2 pulls up a menu of items you can use, and rolling the left analog stick left or right …
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