London Selenium Bootcamp 17-18 Jun – 2 day Intensive Practical Workshop

London Selenium Bootcamp 17-18 Jun – 2 day Intensive Practical Workshop
Event on 2013-06-17 09:00:00

This two day workshop will lead you through the essentials of using Selenium WebDriver with Java. Over the course of the workshop we will write automated tests against a live open source application. This way you experience what it is like to write tests against a real application. We will also refactor the tests to use page objects and abstraction layers. By doing this we will approach the automation of the application as though we were writing tests for a production application. Technologies we will use on the course are Java 1.7, IntelliJ, JUnit, Hamcrest, Selenium WebDriver (we will use the current version at the time of running the course), Firefox, Google Chrome

The basic syllabus for the course:

  • Selenium 2 WebDriver API
  • Using WebDriver to navigate web applications
  • Basic web Element identification using id, name and
  • Locating web elements using CSS and XPath
  • Use of Chrome Developer tools and Firebug
  • WebDriver commands to Interrogate WebElements and pages
  • JUnit annotations to structure test code
  • HamCrest commands for test assertions
  • WebDriver commands for Interaction and Manipulation
  • Using JavaScript in your tests
  • Handling Alerts
  • Working with Cookies
  • Synchronisation strategies
  • Implicit vs Explicit Waits
  • Explicit waits using ExpectedConditions
  • Explicit waits using custom expected conditions
  • Refactoring to Abstraction layers, Page Object Models and Domain Objects
  • Page Object Modelling Approaches
  • Running tests on multiple browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome
  • Using Remote WebDriver

The workshop will consist of demonstrations, hands on exercises, lecture segments and discussion retrospectives. This keeps the course interactive and utilises multiple learning styles to increase the memory retention of the material.

Who Should Attend

  • Test Engineers
  • Test Automation Engineers
  • Test Leaders
  • Test Managers
  • Developers
  • System Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Software Architects
  • Programmers

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