Long Island Emergency Chimney Service, Alliance Chimney Now Provides 60 Minute Response Time

Long Island, New York (PRWEB) May 11, 2013

Alliance Chimney, Long Island based chimney repair and cleaning specialists, would like to discuss importance of emergency chimney cleaning. A fully licensed and insured company provides roofing, chimney and gutter services to all the New York boroughs.

Alliance has been providing all of the fireplace, chimney and roofing professional services, including fire place construction, repair, inspection, cleaning caps and maintenance, correcting boiler and gas shutoffs, draft problems, blockages, and violations and now, emergency services.

Some of the routine chimney maintenance can be done by the residents themselves. Professionals can accurately check for cracks, damage, airflow and draft control and overall roof or chimney condition, to ensure a safe living environment.

Sometimes an emergency will occur that needs a quick repair. To help out customers Alliance is announcing that they are now responding to calls on Long Island within 60 minutes. This will insure that minimal damage can occur. Alliance Chimney’s team can go into the home to access the situation and plan for repair. Alliance handles these call all the time but now customers do not have to wait days on a chimney company to respond. It will only be 1 hour.

Fireplaces are widely burnt in homes during winters. However, during summer time, because of infrequent use and negligence, chimneys can run into problems. Chimneys can look fine from the outside but regular maintenance and inspection is necessary to ensure that they burn seamlessly and efficiently when needed. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends inspecting chimneys, fireplaces and vents once a year in order to keep them fully functional.

Chimney problems can range from small inconvenience to major safety or health issue. The most important fire hazard results due to flammable elements that are found within the chimney walls. If not treated, these substances can cause unpleasant smells, corrosion of the chimney walls, and chimney fires.

Chimney opening vent may get blocked by bird nests and other debris. It also causes smoke to leak back into the house. Severe weather conditions, such as snow, sleet and wind can also decrease the effectiveness of the vent system of a chimney and can cause its gradual deterioration.

A trained chimney professional should be able to assess a chimneys condition, safety and performance. Be proactive and get your chimneys ready for winter.

Their newly launched website is a great source of information for new and existing customers. It is up to date with their services, discount coupons and specials. Key information on why chimneys and roofs should be routinely cleaned, monitored and maintained is clearly explained on their webpages.

Visit their website to request a free quote, or call 1-800-641-9080 for more information.

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