Long Island Marketing Firm to Tackle Isis Identity Crisis

Ronkonkoma, NY (PRWEB) October 20, 2014

Recent terroristic acts, including political beheadings, crucifixions and public executions by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, in an effort to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas of Iraq and in Syria, has had unexpected consequences for companies here on domestic soil.

Companies in markets ranging from game and pharmaceutical development to photography effect creators, rehabilitation facilities, and, most unfortunately, hospitality management have names including, or sounding like the terrorist splinter group, which has become completely unacceptable in todays highly competitive online marketing environment.

Even the popular FX Network show Archer has had to rename a spy organization repeatedly mentioned in the series, (International Secret Intelligence Service, a keystone cops style spy organization) as it has clearly become poor taste to utilize the name for comedys sake.

Its not hard to understand why you wouldn’t want your company to remind people of a beheading, says Jesse Wroblewski, Owner and President of Generations Beyond. We spend each and every day creating beautiful branding for our clients, from logo design to marketing collateral, but if they share a name with a terrorist group, even the most beautiful logo in the world cant help them now.

To help companies affected by the sudden change in marketing tone, Generations Beyond offers one solution. Rebrand, and quickly. To help, Generations Beyond is offering free rebranding services to any company wanting to change marketing direction to avoid scandal.

When you want to sell your services, its best not to be seen as a genocidal terrorist organization, says Anthony Rappa, Generations Beyonds lead programmer. While it may work for a heavy metal band, for the vast majority of corporations, a name change is going to be in order and were here to help with that, as well as logos and other digital marketing collateral.

Companies interested in taking Generations Beyond up on the offer are urged to visit their website, or call their office to schedule an appointment.

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