Longtime Stamp Collector Creates Web site to Promote Resources of his Hobby

East Kingston, NH (PRWEB) December 9, 2009

After a recent retirement from a 40-year career as a computer installation and maintenance technician, Alexander Campbell was able to dedicate his days to his one true passion – stamp collecting. He finds great joy in the history and diversity of stamps; an admiration that has stretched across the past two decades.

Fittingly, he created http://www.CollectThatStamp.com in September of 2009 in an effort to establish an online resource for stamp collectors nationwide. Here, shoppers can browse through an extensive collection of stamp books and catalogs, specialty stamps and their relation to American history and a variety of computer software that allows stamp collectors to accurately keep track of their collections.

As an affiliate Web site, CollectThatStamp.com provides links to the best resources in the business, which have all been carefully researched and selected by Campbell. Shoppers can look forward to the introduction of additional collecting supplies such as stamp albums and stamp mounts. Ultimately, he plans to develop his site into a one-stop shop for stamp collectors, providing an elaborate diversity in stamp selection as well as supplies and information.

Even after 20 years as an avid stamp collector, Campbell still considers himself an amateur because there is still so much to learn and so many varieties to collect. He insists that his Web site is geared toward the amateur collector as it provides the essential tools and resources to get started.

“I specialize, to a certain degree, in train stamps from all over the world. It’s probably my favorite genre within my personal collection because it relates to my other hobby of model railroading,” Campbell said.

To learn more about Campbell’s experiences as a stamp collector, including details about his personal collections, shoppers are encouraged to visit the Web site’s newly formulated blog, http://www.CollectThatStampBlog.com. This interactive tool will also be used to provide tidbits of advice for collectors in addition to discussing the historical timeline of stamps.

About the Company:

CollectThatStamp.com is owned and operated by avid stamp collector Alexander Campbell.

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