Look at How a Hottie Sells BMW Parts on eBay [Photo Gallery]

Look at How a Hottie Sells BMW Parts on eBay [Photo Gallery]
She decided to sell car parts using some *ahem* let's say 'enticing' photos. Using eBay as your sole means of commerce, might pose some difficulties, but she knew exactly what to do. Looking at her pictures, we'd be damned if we didn't somehow think …
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eBay Barn Find: 1961 Jaguar Mk. II 3.8-Liter from Pennsylvania
Cars are cool, and they garner up so much interest from blokes (and gals) around the world not only because they represent impressive technical achievements, but also because of the human aspect – the story behind them. This is generally applied to …
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eBay's CIO Succeeds by Innovating and 'Connecting the Dots'
If the eBay name conjures up images of late 1990's-style online auctions, you've got a lot to learn about how the $ 14 billion company is enabling all flavors of online and offline commerce–with and without bidding–these days. CIO Scott Seese and his …
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