Love Signals: Making Friends with Search Engines to Attract Web Visitors

Love Signals: Making Friends with Search Engines to Attract Web Visitors
Event on 2013-02-14 09:00:00

Why “make friends” with search engines? Search engines connect a significant amount of your website visitors to your nonprofit. Making your content search engine friendly will increase your exposure to potential donors, volunteers, and clients.

Register and bring your laptop to this interactive, hands-on workshop that will introduce you to search engine optimization (SEO) and easy tactics that you can use every time you update your website. Crafted specifically for busy nonprofit communicators, attendees will leave this session with the following take-aways:

  • An understanding of how search engines work and how they determine where your pages end up in search results.
  • The skill to use Google’s free Keywords Tool to find the best language to use on your website.
  • A Keywords Profile Template that will help you document optimal keywords so that you can make use of what you learn during the session.
  • A worksheet of essential best practices to enrich your content with the correct keywords.
  • An overview on how Google Analytics can be used to track the success of your SEO efforts, and determine new high-value keywords.

Who is this session for? This session is for busy nonprofit professionals responsible for updating their organization’s website. It’s a basic session for those who don't currently know a lot, if anything, about SEO. You will learn simple tactics to use each time you update your website to maximize the time spent there.


  • 8:30 – 9 a.m.: Registration, Coffee and Refreshments
  • 9 – 11 a.m.: Program

Speaker: Cary Lenore Walski, Technology Education and Outreach Coordinator, MAP TechWorks, a program of MAP for Nonprofits

The fee includes refreshments and materials.

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