Lowrider Magazine: Pura Plata 25th Anniversary Tour

This video covers part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the first issue of Lowrider Magazine and goes on a nine-city nationwide car show tour in search of the finest rides in America! See the most unbelievable feat ever-recorded on tape at a Lowrider sponsord event! Witness two hydro maniacs as they flip their truck over! You’ll see radical car and truck hopping! Sexy models pose throughout! See what happens when you combine hard work and Lowrider ingenuity…the most unbelieveable automotive creations in the world! Don’t forget the Crash and Burn segment where burning and bouncin’ hydro competitors create their own type of fireworks. The bikini and hard body contest, exclusive interviews, and hopping madness…for the collector or the curious, you’ll love this ride with the Lowrider culture.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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4 Responses to Lowrider Magazine: Pura Plata 25th Anniversary Tour

  1. sirsmokesabowl says:

    if you love lowriders youre family to me

  2. laker4lyfe2433 says:

    26:44 mins left! Lmaoooo busted his ass

  3. DeniceJaleesa says:

    xD 0:05:34 look at the richt

  4. angr27 says:

    pennzoil dance vid. rock thea f*** of this vid big props*****

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