LSI Keyword Basics & SEO Experts by Adam (Upfront Consultants Corp) Orange County CA

In This Video Adam, from Upfront Consultants, Explains the Significance of Latent semantic indexing (LSI) Keywords and What it Means to Successful Search Eng…
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18 Responses to LSI Keyword Basics & SEO Experts by Adam (Upfront Consultants Corp) Orange County CA

  1. UpfrontConsultantsCo says:

    Thanks, LSI is definitely becoming the cornerstone of real search engine optimization.

  2. Whabreful says:

    LSI is extremely important to SEO. Good video :)

  3. theranded says:

    I have seen some results with LSI but I still love the spammy software!

  4. TheFirsay says:

    I agree with Adam, LSI provides long lasting results if you know how to do it right. Its not as simple as mixing up your anchor texts.

  5. Orythem1 says:

    LSI has been a part of Google for a very long time, I hope you were talking about the other search engines in the opening for your video?

  6. whembed says:

    Google has a patent on LSI.

  7. Lairesseart says:

    LSI is the future of SEO, love it, good stuff!

  8. arefirle says:

    Latent semantic indexing is indeed a huge part of search engine optimization and I agree it is the future of SEO. We are seeing more and more that Google and other search engines are depending on LSI to figure out what your content really means and when its combined with proper LSI back linking you do get some sustainable, long lasting, results. Good information, thanks.

  9. lifeareable says:

    Great video.

  10. Milty1952 says:


  11. 86Aree says:

    LSI is still very new in my opinion and the results are not as good as aggressive back linking.

  12. MsPinteresting says:

    Hiding spam behind high pr domains is great and works very well. I disagree this will go away in 6 months, I sure as hell hope not!

  13. AgonyOlive says:

    Love the video, thanks again for this link Adam!

  14. UpfrontConsultantsCo says:

    Thanks, we will posting many more informational videos on SEO.

  15. MaryTWilkerson says:

    I’m subscribing to your channel and looking forward to more great videos from you. Thanks for all your efforts!

  16. relayMiles says:

    I thought with the latest “animal” updates, the importance of lsi keywords has dropped to the minimum. Well it appears I was wrong

  17. UpfrontConsultantsCo says:

    At Upfront we try to simplify SEO so people who aren’t familiar can understand how it works. LSI is a little more complicated in explaining, we tried our best :)

  18. UpfrontConsultantsCo says:

    Thanks :)

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