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  1. Out of context? I do not understand — my understanding is that we were debating quite respectfully. Thanks, nonetheless. Just to let you know we are all Kenyans and have a responsibility to put in place and respect the institutions we have so painstakingly erected. ASANTE SANA!

  2. Yes, I have noticed that some of them have been removed. However, I must commend you. You have not used any insults. I would love to debate you further. In fact, am learning a lot from the debate. And take it from me I am one person who loves to go deep into the subject and unearth every small thing that needs to be brought to the fore. Our children and children of our children will condemn our generation if you cannot debate and make things clear, notwithstanding where we stand politically.

  3. @hochwada, I am sorry but I will not debate any longer….my replies seem to be moving miraculously…it’s like someone is disarranging them and putting them out of content…

  4. Am not simplifying the west’ involvement in Kenya or Africa as a whole, what am doing is stating the obvious: respect our sovereignty! Respect us! As for Raila and subtle…really? Answer that question yourself. And yes there is a difference between hiring a foreign campaign consultant and having a westerner entourage 24/7. Everybody knows why they are present. Do yourself a favour and google what the west thinks of Raila….it is him they want which means there is a catch. You know it….

  5. You say “rumour of any kind does not sell” to you yet you readily and whole heartedly buy the ridiculous rumours Raila is spreading out there, don’t you think you are contradicting yourself? Or is it a case of cognitive dissonance on your part? If Miguna Miguna lied, why isn’t Raila taking him to court? After all that is his second favourite activity after uttering rigged…?

  6. Then Raila starting yapping… asi! Yes you do care who wins and it is obvious you want Raila in Statehouse but putting him there would be violating the rights of the overwhelming 6m+ who don’t want him there. And believe me this has nothing to do with his ethnicity…..it all has to do with his character! In 07/08 even the Kyuks who he passionately hates voted for him only to be turned against.

  7. . He will say anything and everything because he knows that by continuing his gibberish-rally he is brainwashing someone out there. He is planting question marks kwa brains of Kenyans. He is not dumb. You keep writing about rot this rot that….again if there is evidence of rot I say knock yourself out. But every foreign media wrote of a fair election and commended the IEBC for the good work….they lied about the *narrow win* but they commended IEBC nonetheless.

  8. but only a few (the Luo community) believe him today. If an innocent man is accused of rape and is later exonerated for of lack of evidence or because it turns out that the accusation was just a despicable lie from a pathological liar, people will not condemn the man but the whole scenario will leave a sour taste in the mouth. There will always be someone doubting his innocence! Like I said before, what Raila is doing is play a dangerous psychological game.

  9. @hochwada, no offence taken nor did you „step on a raw nerve.” Say what you have to say so long as you’re not hurling insults my way. But I did get your ambiguous point on thieves. In Peeling Back The Mask (which is a good read by the way) Miguna Miguna quotes mweupe-kama-pamba referring to Kyuks as dogs who need to die. Buy the book. Though 07/08 violence may not have been planned, Raila continuously called for mass action as he cried foul. Almost the whole country believed his lies then

  10. @TheGoodoldme, you know that we can’t simplify the issues of foreign involvement in our so-called countries. The issue is complex for both me and you. I do not think that RAO is their tool more than UK is. They are the same – perhaps RAO is just a little more subtle than UK. Check this out UK has all but one lawyer and a ton of advisers, including those managing his publicity from the West. What do we make of all this?

  11. You penned something earlier in the day about “Jeremy Scahill’s * BLACKWATER*” – I thought the arguments were not a truism in themselves but could apply to the role of China in Africa. Tell me why is China insisting that when a loan is obtained it is paid in the Yen and no other currency? I hope that is not being selfish! Several scholars both western and African are studying the phenomenon — I would like to tell you that the facts they are coming up with are more damning than meets the eye

  12. @TheGoodoldme, let us put anger aside and debate the savory and unsavory. I do not think I can condemn someone on a single author’s point of view — it has to be corroborated by many, say 5-8 scholarly tested positions by experts in a particular discipline. It is like using the local newspapers to condemn Uhuru or Ruto — I cannot do that — for me that is a little too cheap. If a court of law finds one through reasoned argument I will accept. But rumour of any kind does not sell to me.

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