Luke’s Change: an Inside Job

An examination of some questionable events and circumstances leading up to the destruction of the Death Star, through the eyes of an amateur investigative jo…

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19 Responses to Luke’s Change: an Inside Job

  1. nkr9241 says:


  2. nkr9241 says:


  3. MedievalSkramGamer says:

    “Princess of Alderbrawn” i’m dying

  4. 06EQUJ50 says:

    bla bla bla said the moron, bla bla bla. you are impossible to insult, you make a mockery of yourself. also, you’ve no intelligence to insult. you aren’t worth arguing with, at least a muslim is, thats how low you’re opinion is to any thinking human being. now be a good atheist and go kill yourself since there is no God and it doesn’t matter. Let me know how it works out for you.

  5. Leshkaka1 says:

    Im holding to my penis.

  6. Leshkaka1 says:

    This comment is actually hilarious. A christian screaming to a muslim guy that his God is false, but his own is real. Make a comedy together. Or you can both shut up with the BS God-human-made-concept. Its an insult to my intelligence.

  7. 06EQUJ50 says:

    Allah doesn’t exist. YHVH IS GOD. GOD IS love.

  8. Tim Volkert says:

    This is brilliant.

  9. Tapewormssuck says:

    Excellent work. Not to mention funny.

  10. Graham Putnam says:

    Yes and thanks.

  11. Tapewormssuck says:

    Did you make this Graham Putnam? This may be the most genius illustration of how these theories are born. I could not articulate this as well as this video does.

  12. mwm2929 says:

    Isma, that was an atheist statement. God is love. Allah is love. Yaweh is love. Your remark came from the dark side…

  13. OmniAndro says:

    lost me at skywalker construction company; Bullshit!

  14. keithkymokm says:

    Preach hommie!!! Preach!!! Okm.

  15. Isma Hdez says:

    >implying 3000 people on a wolrd populated by +7000000000 people matter at all >implying america doesnt want everyone in the planet to be on the edge just because 2 amerifags died in boston >implying noone really cares anymore about 11-S

  16. Graham Putnam says:

    Yeah. Obviously this is kinda the point of the video (aside from perhaps a quick chuckle), to show how easy it is to manipulate a story of a truth to your own liking using some stills, narration and over-bearing music. I’m not taking political sides or saying anything is real or isn’t… I’m just illuminating why one shouldn’t trust videos cobbled together. That goes for News outlets too. Those guys are pros at this :)

  17. TheMeanConservative says:

    That’s not it. The destruction of the Death Star was just a ploy to obtain the initiative to find Luke and Leia in Hoth. All the empire cared about was Hoth and its natural resources to build star destroyers. Now Imperial forces are stuck in a planet with harsh conditions, thousands of light years away. Bring our boys home! Get out of hoth. Vader said himself that we are only there to find the rebel base. However, intelligence says there was never an rebel base there.

  18. TheArmandoRomeroShow says:

    “from a certain point of view”

  19. Ashton OL says:

    What if George Lucas told the story from a clouded view to hide things from us?

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