LUNCH & LEARN: 5 Digital Marketing “MUST-DO’s” To Grow Your Business

LUNCH & LEARN: 5 Digital Marketing “MUST-DO’s” To Grow Your Business
Event on 2015-11-03 11:00:00
Did you know?… Digital Marketing = Social Media, Internet Advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? You need to understand why and how all segments of Digital Marketing work, and then, develop a Strategic Marketing plan to make them work for your business. These Are The 5 "MUST-DO's" For Your Business Can You Answer 'YES' to these questions?… Search Engine Optimization 1) Is your online information accurate and complete?  2) Where does your business show up on a google search using specific keywords? Social Media Marketing 3) Do you know the type of content that creates engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? 4) Are you actively using the '60/30/10' rule? 5) Do you have Facebook tabs?  Are you using them effectively?  CUBE Guarantee…  If you’re not completely satisfied with the value you received for your investment we will refund 100% of your fee.    

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Milwaukee, United States

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