MacGyver robot could improvise tools for military operations (+video)

MacGyver robot could improvise tools for military operations (+video)
This article was updated at 1:53 p.m. with video of the robot that Professor Mike Stilman and his team of researchers will use to test the software that will likely help the “Macgyver-bot” solve complex problems using objects in its environment as …
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Hopping Robots Could Explore Moon Craters, Asteroids
A robot that might serve as the prototype for future hopping rovers that can jump between deep craters on the moon or even land on asteroids has passed a preliminary zero-gravity test with flying colors, scientists have announced. A space robot …
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Foxconn slow to roll out its robot workforce
Foxconn has begun rolling out its robotic workforce, although reaching its stated goal of one million robot workers by 2014 may have been overly optimistic. Since 2011, the company has only built and deployed approximately 10,000 robots in one of its …
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