Mackenzie Jones: Report Shows the UAE Is One of the Happiest Nations in MENA

(PRWEB UK) 21 August 2013

Those living within the UAE are noted to be happier than residents in neighbouring MENA countries, according to a recent study.

Entitled The Happiness and Wellbeing in the MENA, the survey (as reported in assessed the different factors on satisfaction and contentment jointly undertaken by YouGov and Highlighting aspects such as safety (66 per cent), stable political environment (60 per cent) as well as availability of entertainment (45 per cent), the respondents were reported to be extremely satisfied with living in the UAE.

David Mackenzie of Mackenzie Jones commented: Its extremely healthy to see such positive feedback from these results, and will only encourage more people to relocate to the UAE which will provide a boost to the economy as well as general happiness within the area.

Whats really interesting however is what people associate as happy elements from security to the infrastructure.

By recognising what constitutes as positivity in this survey, this will hopefully lead to the region investing in any areas of weakness, so as to promote an overall sense of optimism across the board.

Numerous people claimed to be content with their current physical and mental state, with 75 per cent stating that they were in good health while approximately half admitted to being extremely satisfied with existing family relationships.

“For life satisfaction, it is pretty clear that employment is an extremely important factor. Stress is a prevalent issue across the region, which is likely reflective of the uncertain economic situation experienced in many MENA countries. However, despite the fact that many professionals seem to be afflicted with stress-related ailments, there seems to be a general sense of happiness with the overall state of life,” explained VP of Sales at, Suhail Masri.

Ranking as the number one region for happiness, the UAE has performed consistently well in delivering a sense of wellbeing and enjoyment. Factoring in other influences such as socialising, transport facilities and employment opportunities, the UAE has quickly risen to become one of the most sought-after career destinations in the world.

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