Macquarie Telecom Commissioned a 2013 NBN Study: Business Still Underprepared as NBN Becomes a Reality

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

Although the majority expect the NBN to radically alter Australias competitive landscape, relatively few businesses are ready for its effects on their employees and market share, according to the NBN Business Readiness Survey in 2013 report conducted by Deloitte Access Economics and commissioned by Macquarie Telecom. The report found that although one in two organisations expect the NBN to change the way they do business, only one in four believe themselves ready for these changes.

Similar to the first iteration of this report conducted in 2010, business expectations of the NBNs transformative effects have remained strong, particularly as awareness grows around areas such as teleworking and multi-channel customer service, said Dr. Ric Simes, Partner Deloitte Access Economics. Yet many organisations seem unsure of how they should update their business models to maintain growth and competitive edge in a geographically-unconstrained business environment, while some still havent considered its implications.

Amongst these changes, widespread teleworking is now front-of-mind for many Australian organisations: 49% of businesses now expect the NBN to change where they are able to perform work compared to just 20% who expected a change in their employment model in 2010. However, only 26% of respondents were confident that their people managers could manage a remote workforce, the same number with a teleworking policy already in place.

Universal access to superfast broadband is now a certainty for the Australian business landscape, yet around a quarter of businesses are still confused about whether they need to take action or not, said Chris Greig, Group Executive Telecommunications, Macquarie Telecom. To not only survive, but carve out new markets and revenue streams in the future, organisations need to make the leap from passive expectancy to decisive action in preparing for the NBNs organisational impact: theres no room for maybe at this pace of inevitable change.

While more than 50% of organisations believe the NBN will change how they communicate with customers and clients, less than 20% feel ready to deliver multi-channel contact centres that will allow them to do so. And though one in every two organisations expects the NBN to change where industries can do business, less than 25% of businesses were convinced that its rollout would change where their customers were located.

The NBNs effects will not be limited to one or two industries, but will span the full gamut of products, services and human interactions whether between workers and employers, or consumers and sellers across Australia, said Simes. Were looking at a seismic shift in the mindset needed for business success: in an economy with access to superfast bandwidth, quality of information and customer service will increasingly determine which organisations lead the market; which ones survive; and which ones face challenges.

The time for fence-sitting about the NBNs effects is over; whats needed now is urgency of planning and execution, said Greig. Businesses must make the NBN a matter of boardroom discussion and take immediate steps to ready their technologies and policies, partnering with IT service providers who support and understand the increasing convergence of telecommunications networks and data hosting in the next evolution of our digital economy.

The NBN Business Readiness Survey in 2013 looked at responses from more than 160 Australian businesses across a wide range of industries, 25% of which came from C-suite executives, supplemented by case studies from three businesses.

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