magazine – iamsterdam

magazine – iamsterdam

Image by Stewart Leiwakabessy
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16 Responses to magazine – iamsterdam

  1. Ik, Pip says:

    Hee! Da’s leuk!

  2. Stewart Leiwakabessy says:

    Ook proberen!

  3. Ik, Pip says:

    ja! ga ik doen!

  4. Stewart Leiwakabessy says:

    Ben benieuwd! I like urs too! Especially the Teething Weekly!

  5. bitterlysweet says:

    Any discount offer if i subscribe these 2 magazines together at the same time?

  6. Stewart Leiwakabessy says:

    Maybe, but air mail supplements are not included!

  7. bitterlysweet says:

    Aww… is there a different in the contents with the versions of "iamsterdammers" and "non-iamsterdammers"?

  8. Stewart Leiwakabessy says:

    nope, it’s just that the ‘amsterdammers’ are inhabitants of Amsterdam, hence they pay less… Content-wise no difference at all.

  9. bitterlysweet says:

    Good then, send me the bills please! 😉

  10. Stewart Leiwakabessy says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha You might be surprised!

  11. bitterlysweet says:

    how many "0" are there??

  12. Stewart Leiwakabessy says:

    Quite a lot! … a WHOLE LOT!

  13. bitterlysweet says:

    *run away & disappeared*

  14. Stewart Leiwakabessy says:


  15. Meteorry says:

    This is COOL!!!!

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