Magazine – Parade

Another live Magazine song from 1980
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Magazine – Parade

  1. NicBunnymen says:

    Can’t believe what I just’re friends know Joy Division but not heard of Magazine…do your part get them hooked on Magazine..this band is awesome, take care.

  2. vegbloke says:

    Dave let me play the lead line to Definitive Gaze on his wasp during the soundcheck at Guidford uni gig 1980. So proud was i.

  3. niall441 says:

    I love you Big Dummy! Mag are fucking A1.

  4. LittleBitOfBread says:

    To all newcomers , check out Devoto’s pre-Magazine stuff he did with The Buzzcocks (ie: Times Up bootleg album) – equally as brilliant!

  5. Neil Merissey says:

    ‘No Thyself’ is a masterpiece: it takes its place with the original albums.

  6. MowgliX says:

    Really one of the greatest bands ever.

  7. zismoura says:

    If one of Tori Amos’ fingers falls asleep and dreams its a boy band this is one of the songs it’ll play on a Wintry aethereal starry moonlit Spring nocturna Summers Fall eve. But you already knew that, right

  8. TheRadiohelen says:

    I didn’t know much about this old band… but I can see here how this influence to portishead or moloko and same others actual bands…Am I crazy???????? I came here after listening an old cover of them from Radiohead, so I thank you so much for Uploading this one…

  9. TalkToTheBody says:

    were????? They still are and their new album is great, and I am seeing them again in Glasgow next week. Happy days!

  10. hellraiser917 says:

    One of the best intros ever!!

  11. Jon Flynn says:

    Utterly magnificent after all these years, looking forward to the new album

  12. garylongden says:

    Probably their best song. They were/are very fine musicians and this song displays that quality admirably.

  13. TheNoOneElseButMe says:

    this is an amzing video :)

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