Magazine – Permafrost

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. lesassassins says:

    you have been saved boy. follow the post-punk path and everything will be allright.

  2. graham burns says:

    from the greatest album ever,secondhand daylight 1979,period…

  3. PSimonAjantaMusic says:

    Great stuff. Robin is now a member of AjantaMusic.

  4. zanesanetoo says:

    Once U start to listen Magz,U become unable to accept something else-for a long time!

  5. arqmontenegro says:

    At the same level of king crimson..

  6. zararity says:

    Robin Simon, grossly underrated guitarist!

  7. GuitarsOfVideoGames says:


  8. ludiekmagick says:

    Tell the others to do so too. Please.

  9. paraloidb72 says:

    Great quality video of one of the greatest songs of all time – thanks.

  10. paraloidb72 says:

    Try and convince someone else to share the genius of Howard and friends – there were only two of us in Australia as far as I knew that listened to this stuff at the time ! Great times together. RIP Hugh

  11. 95machinehead says:

    same here

  12. litlgrey says:

    Oh, heavens yes!

  13. thecheech63 says:

    In high school this was one of my favorite bands ! 31 years later still in my top 10. The correct use of soap is a top ten all time album 4 sure!

  14. knickebein says:

    Howard yo

  15. MowgliX says:

    Oh the memories!

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