Magazine Release Button

Available at – search item #T0865 This is an excellent item that will make it easier and faster to perform magazine reloads. Because the push …
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14 Responses to Magazine Release Button

  1. LuoLaoHu says:

    My only problem with Glock; most of the little parts on their guns need to be replaced to make them more functional. As Lenny said in this video, the mag release button “hurts your thumb,” because the factory one is just not functional.  Why not put these things on the gun in the first place? Oh yeah, $20 here, $30 there!

  2. mewisemajic says:

    I wouldn’t use any of these on a carry gun, they are more for competition. Vickers/TangoDown or the Glock factory extended releases are better choices for a carry gun.

  3. LawManPA57 says:

    Will my Blackhawk serpa holster except this upgrade

  4. FOXTR0T1 says:

    Thank you blonde ben stiller!

  5. powermad21 says:

    you’re my hero!

  6. rulkn4me75 says:

    Do you all make an ambi mag release for all models ?

  7. Thomas Clay says:

    was very informational thank you!!! plan on replaceing mine as well :)

  8. TBAGGZ1 says:

    Very suspect Toxic Purple…….. I love this guy he’s a great businessman but he still needs to work on his presentation.

  9. Maddie Matthews says:

    Using my girlfriends account, but where do i get the silver trigger and does it come without the safety or did you take that off based of your preference?

  10. chechnya says:

    That sounds like bitch talk to me. 

  11. Rocketman9mm says:

    Does this mag release extension get in the way of, or prevent holstering the weapon into molded holsters or leather holsters?

  12. Gimie Itnow says:

    If this was the only video I had seen, I would not have the confidence to do this myself. TheXGrasshopper posted an excellent video showing exactly what you need to do & are doing inside with the spring. Time to get some better video equipment.

  13. SpaceExplorer31 says:

    Excelent video

  14. oldmantoo491 says:

    thank you very much i really apprecite it

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