Magazine – Shot By Both Sides

From the album Real Life released in 1978 by Virgin.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Magazine – Shot By Both Sides

  1. Iamakshdeep says:

    check out my magazine

  2. maxwellhammerable says:

    sure thang man. whatever ya want man. it’s the fucking internet. you can have a giant enema while listening to it too.. no one will fucking know… that’s the joy of internet for ya mate

  3. johnnycheck99 says:

    Is this Magazines best work and were they big at the time?

  4. hermannnitsch342d says:

    Can i get an award.

  5. hermannnitsch342d says:

    Stored away in my arsehole.

  6. Eoinposse says:

    This song is the father of ‘Just’, which is the father of ‘Cutt Off’, which could one day be the father of another great song.

  7. maxwellhammerable says:

    the pixies were not big in their time. not nearly as big as they should have been at any rate. they kinda broke up on the back of that in fact.. not being fully endorsed by the the greater music listening public.

  8. maxwellhammerable says:

    uh… rhetorical question of the decade? you get the award.

  9. soul0luos says:

    Smoking mushrooms has no psychotropic effects, actually, as the primary psychoactive alkaloid (psilocybin) it destroyed by an open flame. Maybe was eating them, though!

  10. kcscees says:

    waar blijft de tijd ,,,,ik was 18,mijn vrienden luisterden naar de bay city rollers en mud  ik wist het toen al beter , groetjes cees groen.

  11. ViceCityDJ says:

    smoking mushrooms i suspect….

  12. aerialkate says:

    Hmm….just realised that New Order’s ‘Sunrise’ (from the ‘Low life’ album, released 7 years after ‘Shot by both sides’) sounds uncomfortably like this.

  13. PlantMatters says:

    they made it big enough. for all of us cool cats to love em

  14. RKOStyles23 says:

    that and the fact they never cared about making it big time. I kind of prefer that they didn’t, the music probably would of taken a turn, I mean look at Metallica lol

  15. TheNameUnknowen says:

    still shocked they never got popular,but I’m glad they didn’t.

  16. perfuzz says:

    This is a long time cover in my band. Only once someone from the audience have pointed it out, cool that you did shot by both sides. I living in Sweden and it’s a shame no one ever heared this tune…

  17. TheFuzzieWuzzie says:

    Most people were really stupid back then. Sorry, but it’s true.

  18. crimsonkng1 says:

    I have this album.

  19. jimmyleg5 says:

    Electric Prunes? Hippy.

  20. BAAVIANIST says:

    pixies not big??????? where you from????? as for magazine.. devoto has done it… he buggers off before things get too twee and contrived – and good on him ofr that i say.. still; even that may end up being a contrived stance….

  21. Eoinposse says:

    Great song.

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