Magazine – Song From Under The Floorboards

Another fine track from Magazine
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Magazine – Song From Under The Floorboards

  1. tickletitsmcgee99 says:

    Probably won’t come to this country, and more unlikely, Texas. Thanks for the comment.

  2. soinsincereish says:

    They are probably one of the most influential and important bands to come out of the post punk era; now you know of their existence think of yourselve as a member of an exclusive club! They’re still touring saw them last year at Manchester Academy…Superb.

  3. carlin4238 says:

    My irritability keeps me alive and kicking

  4. StacyLHatfield says:

    They are my favorite.

  5. DrWhiggs says:

    Nice work.

  6. tickletitsmcgee99 says:

    I’ll get ya’ a medal.

  7. madandmaniac says:

    They are well known to some of us who listened to their music 32 years ago.

  8. tickletitsmcgee99 says:

    Just started listening to this band. I’m hooked, obsessed, and wanting more. Why isn’t this more well known?

  9. Christophe Van Hove says:

    sublime , 😉 

  10. myJointproductions says:

    a favourite of mine..F@%king Great song!!

  11. MrTitch1975 says:

    1 of greatest song ever

  12. John Parrot says:

    Songs that make life worth living.

  13. squeekspop59 says:

    Imagine a Magazine/Buzzcocks tour :) Dave Formula on the Keys

  14. jacintoparrabarrios says:

    Correct Use of Soap, no tiene desperdicio

  15. GhostofSirJoh says:

    Darryl you bastard

  16. Deano191267 says:

    This was the best music era ever

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