Magazine Waste Basket

Open Open Open! Use your old magazines to create this super cute basket! I had fun doing this, it is kind of time consuming but I love my basket! For More Fu…

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16 Responses to Magazine Waste Basket

  1. Avineil25 says:

    Hey there I really like ur style of reuse the things rather throwing away ..thnkx

  2. Carrie581 says:

    Love this!

  3. MhiZsLhadyFLicKsz says:

    Super <3 😉

  4. ahansen489 says:

    1day i will try it :-)

  5. graceellenangel says:

    Please add a video tutorial

  6. surprizezunltd99 says:

    i loved the are a fun person

  7. Hasnain Saleh says:

    yes i like it and very creative

  8. kimberlynguyen124 says:

    Um 1 QUESTION..does it break?

  9. Angela Anderson says:

    It’s just paper, it’s REALLY hard to mess this up! Just do it!

  10. funster4444 says:

    that is so cool, your very talented, i wish i could do that, but i probably would mess up tons of times! lol

  11. Bro Gen says:

    Great idea - I will try it too.

  12. Sofia Balatsinou says:

    very nice ana easy…….

  13. KeepinitSimple101 says:

    lol I can’t guarantee that you will be! but that is so fun you have a craft group! Have fun! And thanks for the comment =-)

  14. Diane Terrizzi says:

    Beautiful project! You are funny, enjoyed it. I am going to make this with my lady friends we have a craft class. I hope we are all still friends when the trash bin in finished lol.

  15. jessica a says:

    i am making this thank you for this lesson

  16. KeepinitSimple101 says:

    I think Newspaper would be just fine!

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