Image by hans s
made with the magazine cover generator

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13 Responses to magazine

  1. Truus says:

    Hij is leuk Hans…Prachtig..

  2. widderson old school + still censored says:

    hehehe … surely the ultimate Denmark magazine !!! looking forward for Vol. 2 …. :)

  3. Poekie says:

    Hehehe!…. cool….is the beautiful mermaid on the photo your daughter?

  4. Pesi says:

    okee wat kost een abonnement?? , leuke Hans 😉

  5. jolanda r (aka jojoro) says:

    Leuk gedaan!

  6. Dimilinchen says:

    Tolle Reklame für ein wunderschönes Land.

  7. Dien says:

    Zelf gemaakt Hans? Knap hoor!!

  8. Lady-bug says:

    LOL ~~ this is great! :-)

  9. Linda6769 says:

    great idea! It´s very inviting!

  10. Saskya says:

    Haha leuk! :-) Wanneer krijg je je camera terug?

  11. IndyDina with Mr. Wonderful says:

    What a stunning cover girl!

  12. Gadisa says:

    dit is echt leuk gemaakt! nog steeds je camera niet terug?

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