Magic Logix Releases Model Infographic on Inbound Marketing

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Not only does Magic Logix, global digital marketing agency, provide highly informative key directives on inbound marketing practice, it does so in the form of a model infographic. The infographic is being released while Magic Logix appears at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston, and the name of the infographic is the Boston Infographic.

Magic Logix, global digital marketing agency, releases the Boston Infographic in honor of the Boston Inbound Marketing Summit annual industry-wide inbound marketing event. The infographic informs on the five top issues of inbound marketing in a truly entertaining and captivating way.

The secret to a good infographic is the visuals because the information can be provided in a text, via podcast, or in a list format or any number of other ways.

The visual layout, color choice, imagery, sequence and format of the visuals come into play in an infographic and the variables are infinite. It takes skill, talent, boldness, maturity and wisdom, to do it just right. Some would say it takes a little bit of magic to make a good infographic, says Hassan Bawab, Founder and CEO of Magic Logix.

Magic Logixs Boston Infographic contains a witty analogy between the Five Epic Battles of Boston and the Five Epic Battles of Inbound Marketing. Like the Sons of Liberty rebelled against the British government over the tea tax in the Boston Tea Party of 1773, Google finds exact match domains to be spammy where many SEO leaders use them.

To see the full story on this analogy and learn the other four top inbound marketing issues, as well as what goes into a model infographic, please see the infographic here.

About Magic Logix

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