“Magic the Gathering” Highlights UW Delver Vs UB Zombies G1 (06-29-2012)

Get your custom playmats at InkedPlaymats and use promo code “KlotzDeal” to save 10% on your order! www.inkedplaymats.com This is the highlights of game one between Nick N. playing Blue/White Delver and Nick M. playing Blue/Black Zombies. Music by Nathan Wills Youtube: www.youtube.com Internet: www.nathanwillsmusic.com KlotzSquared for Videogames!!! http KlotzProductions on facebook!!! www.facebook.com KlotzProductions Blog!!! klotzproductions.blogspot.comCheck us out at something 2 do’s website.. www.something2dogames.com Come join us every Friday night for Type 2 Standard Magic The Gathering tournaments at 6:30 at Something 2 Do!!! Or join us on our facebook page… www.facebook.com © Wizards of the Coast LLC. Images used with permission. Illus. John Avon, Johannes Voss, Nils Hamm, Dave Kendall, Terese Nielsen, Kev Walker, Whit Brachna, Chippy, Franz Vohwinkel, Volkan Baga, Howard Lyon, Eric Deschamps, Dan Scott, Lars Grant-West, David Rapoza. Not an official Wizards of the Coast LLC production.

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16 Responses to “Magic the Gathering” Highlights UW Delver Vs UB Zombies G1 (06-29-2012)

  1. NeoSinProductions says:

    Blue isn’t L because L was reserved for Lands.

  2. retardedbomb says:

    Its arrived at the same point in my local meta as well, it seems most people have sold the cards for the rotation and/or because they were bored of the deck.

  3. LawGivah12 says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song? I went to that creators profile but i cant seem to find it.

  4. rhysieboy999 says:

    because Black is first in alphabet it gets B. Blue is B L U E. U is first letter that both black and blue dont share. hope this clears it up

  5. Christoffer Sjödin says:

    I always thought U stood for Utility

  6. pownnoobsftw says:

    Dude shut up. I assumed U would stand for something like unholy like what the black part of magic usually is.

  7. SweepyOld says:

    … You’re done.

  8. MrEvaneva says:

    by Nick n have arthritis arches its retarded

  9. KlotzProductions says:

    Because black is “B” and “U” sounds more like “blue” then “L”… I would assume.

  10. xxStardustIntheskyxx says:

    Dunno, ask Wotc.

  11. BronzyRoger says:

    Why is “U” Blue????

  12. PokeMonger says:

    Why was this comment down voted? He is completely right. Delver (at least it used to) was the boogeyman deck that a huge percentage of players used. Regardless of the fact that it was the best deck out there (arguably overpowered with snapcaster+ponder+free wins from a turn 2 flipped delver), nobody wants to play the same deck over and over and over again. Shinken25 wasn’t ‘smack talking’, he was just being honest.

  13. Wildnigglet says:

    no its not. there are 2 nicks

  14. twitchster77 says:

    NICK WON! …Oh, SPOILER btw!

  15. graffatag says:

    Enjoying the new tempo of the videos. :)

  16. KlotzProductions says:

    “B” is black… “U” is Blue.

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