Magnetic Sponsoring Releases eBook Titled ‘Only Suckers Buy Leads’ By Mike Dillard

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 12, 2013

Mike Dillard, Internet marketing legend and founder of Magnetic Sponsoring, will release his book titled ‘Only Suckers Buy Leads’ free from Saturday, January 12 through Wednesday, January 16, available through his Magnetic Sponsoring website. To download your complimentary copy of Mike Dillard’s new eBook ‘Only Suckers Buy Leads’, please visit

“In ‘Only Suckers Buy Leads’, I will show you the exact secrets on how I built my first 7-figure business online,” says Mr. Dillard. “I’ll also detail the strategies and tactics I used as well as step by step instructions on how you too can apply them to your online business today!”

The book is based upon the premise that the old fashioned methods of pounding the phones, holding meetings, pitching the business to leads and trying to turn friends and family members into business partners have come to an end.

The key to success, according to Mr. Dillard, in today’s market is this: “If you’re going to sell something to someone, you’ve got to find a way to get invited into their world as a welcomed guest instead of an intruding pest.”

“When your audience sees you as an expert who wants to help, instead of a sales person after a dollar, they will gladly come and pursue you as soon as they are ready to make a purchase.”

From today until Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PST, people interested in reading Mr. Dillard’s new book can download a free copy of the eBook ‘Only Suckers Buy Leads’ here.

In addition to giving away the eBook on his website, Mr. Dillard is also giving away the following bonuses worth $ 373:

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