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Mahalo Daily, ( ranks consistently in the top five podcasts on iTunes.

We recently put out a video which reached 350,000+ views on YouTube, and was most viewed for several days. You can see some examples of our shows here:

Today we interviewed Noe Gold regarding his work on the SHINE A LIGHT film. In the episode, we are featuring interviews with Mick and Keith that were taken for the production notes (with express permission from Paramount).

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Michael Gallagher

The piece that ’s producer Michael is talking about was designed to be a kind of companion piece to the “About the Film” section on Paramount’s website. If you navigate over there, besides art work, clips and other goodies, you may find the text for the complete Production Notes for the movie. It was supposed to be a kind of behind-the-scenes of the process of putting together an elaborate Production Notes package, which this one in particular of all the many Notes packages I worked on, turned out to be. It’s that process — and the elaborate process of making the movie itself that the show explores. I’ll be posting some more from the interviews I did with the filmmakers to put together this Production Notes package right on my blog,

Mahalo Daily Interviews with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards by Noe Gold for Shine A Light
Noë’s blog:

This is what I do. I write and research Production Notes packages of movies for major studios, in this case Paramount. Also in this case, I got to talk to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards — and some of the producers — to get quotes and insights for the Notes.

Mahalo Daily was interested in this process, so I went down there last week and they interviewed me on-camera discussing this fascinating behind-the-scenes at the movies process. They wound up using just two of my quotes in the audio for the episode they did on me, but I plan to release more of these conversations on my blog, Check out the episode here:…

I’ve just now seen the movie for the fourth time, and it keeps getting better and better. Some of the features Lon Harris and I discussed in the interview for the show: Keith’s rapport with Marty, Mick’s auteurship of the concert, Buddy Guy’s performance and that of Jack White.

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P.S. A tip of the hat to Oscar in 60 seconds flat:

Doctor Noe’s sexy gadgets and smooth stuff: 60-second Oscar commercial …

Doctor Noe’s sexy gadgets and smooth stuff: 60-second Oscar commercial …

From the movie "Shine A Light"
Noe Gold, aka Noe the G is featured for his interviews with Mick and Keith in the Mahalo Daily show’s report on the Martin Scorsese Rolling Stones movie “Shine a Light,” which opens stateside April 4, 2008.

Check out the episode here:…

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