Mail 4 ways

Mail 4 ways

Image by bwana
Rearranging my mail setup to fit bettter with my Nokia E61. Here we have Microsoft Outlook 2003 in Parallels, Microsoft Entourage 2004, and The screenshot on the right is of my Nokia E61’s screen.

Thanks to The Message Center for providing flawless Exchange/GoodLink service so far.

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5 Responses to Mail 4 ways

  1. ºDaines says:

    Shouldn’t it be Mail 4 ways?

  2. iBoczar says:

    So which option did you choose? Which one works best?

  3. bwana says:

    I’m slowing gravitating back to I’m not too crazy about Entourage, but I do like Outlook in parallels. So if I had to choose today, it would be with Outlook in Parallels in a close second.

  4. says:

    What is that Message center folder, in

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