Mail Pouch Barn

Mail Pouch Barn

Image by Robb North
A Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn, or simply Mail Pouch Barn, is a barn with one or more sides painted from 1890 to 1992, in advertisement for the West Virginia Mail Pouch chewing tobacco company (Bloch Brothers Tobacco Company), based in Wheeling, West Virginia. At the height of the program in the early 1960s, there were about 20,000 Mail Pouch barns spread across 22 states.

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  1. ☁`*Petra [---busy/off---ぷ---] says:

    Hello welcome back!!! *waves* :O) Nice old barn..interesting story Like those big painted letters a lot!!! Beautiful colors and texture!! Have a good weekend!!!

  2. HeedingtheMuses says:

    You have immortalized an American icon. Well done.

  3. MissusK (Cindy) says:

    Yay! You’re back! And I just happen to click on my contacts photos and yours is first and if I hurry, I might be first to post…but we both know that’s not possible :) – the hurrying part! Especially since I needed time to view this wonderful image large and then check out the link so I can confirm that you didn’t make this up! …I’m still wondering…but it doesn’t really matter, because I love the picture anyway :) Welcome back (I thought you might have broken the addiction, so sad for you that you didn’t – so great for the rest of us 😀

  4. jssteak says:

    Cool capture man. Have a good weekend.

  5. Marty Hogan says:

    so cool i want to start chewin’ tabacco!

  6. ~lisamac~ says:

    this is fantastic!!! Good to see you again Robb!

  7. Aleeka dreams says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Aleeka’s Dreams CONTEST #3 Fur n Feathers POSTING OPEN, and we’d love to have this added to the group! Great work!

  8. hh96 says:

    what a great shot robb! an amazing simplicity blended with a wonderfull treatment! …istant fav…and instant compliments! good luck for the next one!

  9. Tina Lee Studio says:

    WOWOWOW – beautiful my friend!! Hope you had a great trip – we missed your beautiful work!!!

  10. Kim.Deslandes says:

    Yayyyy! Great subject! I love the blocks of color and texture here… and of course your immaculate texture work to top it all off!! Welcome back Robb! :)

  11. DolliaSH says:

    Great work, love the treatment here. — Seen in my contacts’ photos

  12. Nancy Hawkins says:

    love the treatment, great info on the history! Wonderful shot!!

  13. brown pelican says:

    Can tell with this, you had a fabulous time! Great info, great image, great processing……..and morning coffee once again complete with your images in my contact sheet!

  14. Andy Kennelly says:

    Nice one! Welcome back!

  15. Mahnie says:

    wow … how strange!

  16. calakmul says:

    Now Robb ya gots me wunderun’……… did the stuff taste like an old mail bag, did it come in an old mail bag or ya ended up lookin’ like an old mailbag if ya chew da stuff……………. great photo, processing and description BTW!!!

  17. Snapshotie48 says:

    Very nice treatment here Rob….

  18. no one is here by that name says:

    that is soooo cool!!

  19. Lu7h13n says:

    I don’t like tobacco but I like your photo – looks great!

  20. chris'pic's51 says:

    Nice shot of this old barn and great texture work…. amazing what lives on… :)

  21. *terry says:

    Great vintage touch!…. a perfect work!

  22. steve_rob says:

    Fantastic find! Very well done.

  23. little~ny says:

    Awesome work here..nice find

  24. bjornvald says:

    Very good !

  25. Sam_Sims says:

    Great treatment Robb. Welcome back!

  26. Hulalulatallulahoop says:

    A wonderful place and treatment here…wow!!!!!! Welcome back too :-)

  27. Purple Cactus says:

    good to see your work again. Great "North" treatment as always. Were you chewing while you took this shot…? — Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

  28. Siava says:

    I’m so glad you’re back and I freakin’ love this. It’s so old country style advertising. Wow! <3

  29. itsmepete says:

    Awesome shot Robb..great texture work and wonderful information.Very olde world…nice to see you back :)

  30. Antonis Liokouras says:

    This Original Artwork Was Seen In: Texture Squared Please tag the photo with: "Texture Squared"

  31. evanleavitt says:

    Love the photo and treatment. Its great to have you back Robb!

  32. ☁`*Petra [---busy/off---ぷ---] says:

    This Original Artwork Was Seen In: Texture Squared Please tag the photo with: "Texture Squared"

  33. jamie heiden says:

    welcome back! love the clarity here…I hope you enjoyed your visit down to the states.

  34. Kiki FL says:

    Love the beautiful colors and great textures and tones in this shot! ❤♫♪♪ Paul’s Place ♫♪♪ ❤

  35. JessicaB. says:

    I love the simplicity of the composition and the contrast of the colors. The flatness to the shapes really makes this look like a painting. I feel like this is something you’d only see in WV or here in NC

  36. joyelbe says:

    this is such an interesting image…and wonderfully processed!

  37. Annouchka Des Epines says:

    Nice and strange ,strong image!

  38. natalia martin de pablos says:

    Beautiful work Robb… out of our times! You’ve created a great atmosphere

  39. daybeezho says:

    Classic! — Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

  40. uoıʇnloʌǝɹʍol says:

    love this shot! i’m admin for a mail pouch group and i’d love you to add this shot:

  41. Stuart Stevenson says:

    brilliant texturing, looks like an illustration.

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