Mail Woman

Mail Woman

Image by alachia
Apparently, this is the mail lady. Kind of crazy she has to have four wheel drive just to take the mail to some of the places out here.

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4 Responses to Mail Woman

  1. Strumpet101 says:

    Why doesn’t she get the pretty colors on her 4WD? []

  2. xcelticlucasx says:

    our mail carriers are required to have 4WD vehicles. they dont get the standard mail trucks, and are reimbursed for maintenaince and gas on their vehicle. that being said, we had a new mail carrier attempt to turn around on the dirt road leading to my house… and she flipped her jeep into the creek below the road after misjudging the length of her car…

  3. chewy_fruit_loop says:

    lol our mail lady has feet….she just walks the route

  4. jeepin54449 says:

    What makes you say that it is 4wd ? did she tell you it was 4wd?

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