MailArchiva Helps ISP’s Expand Revenue by Offering Email Archiving in The Cloud

(PRWEB) February 21, 2013

Stimulus Software, developers of leading e-Discovery software, are offering Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) world-wide, a unique opportunity to tap into lucrative e-Discovery and email archiving markets. Stimulussoft’s MailArchiva ISP Edition product enables ISP’s to expand on their product portfolios by offering hosted email and discovery services to their customers.

In recent years, due to increased competition, margins associated with the provision of traditional email, antivirus and anti-spam services have been on the decline. In response, many ISP’s have been looking to grow their revenue by expanding into growing niche areas. The e-Discovery market is one such niche area and has been booming in recent years. For instance, the Radicati Group estimates the e-Discovery market is expected to grow from $ 976 million in 2012 to over $ 2.3 billion in 2016.

Until now, the vast majority of e-Discovery solutions have been designed to run on-premise at the customer site or as a cloud based service. Few solutions are available that are specifically tailored for ISP’s to run and host their own service using their own hardware infrastructure. The MailArchiva ISP Edition is unique in that it is specifically tailored for the ISP. For instance, subject to a few minor restrictions, ISP’s are free to market and run their email archiving and discovery service under their own brand and in a manner that compliments their existing offerings.

The great thing about our ISP solution is that it is largely turnkey for the ISP from a technical standpoint. Furthermore, there is minimal commercial risk, since billing arrangements are month-to-month. ISP’s can literally tack on their margin without having to pay dime for the software upfront. said Jamie Band, CEO of Stimulus Software.

For convenience, in addition to the ISP Edition software, a cPanel plugin for MailArchiva has recently been introduced. The plugin enables end-customers to elect for email archiving services from within the familiar Cpanel environment. Although the cPanel plugin is a relatively new addition, the first version of the ISP Edition product was released several years ago.

When we started work on the MailArchiva ISP Edition, we had no idea that it would be received so well by the market. Today, the ISP solution is the fastest growing segment of our business.

One concern that others have raised, is whether ISP’s have the requisite knowledge and infrastructure to preserve and handle sensitive e-Discovery data. According to Stimulus Software, this is a moot point. ISP’s are operational experts. They have a mountain of experience in protecting and preserving critical systems and data. Furthermore, the training and documentation that they receive, helps them get to grips with e-Discovery practices.

In recent times, software vendors are clamouring to offer cloud services themselves. As this case shows, it is not the only way to go. The alternative is to partner with reputable ISP’s to help them leverage their existing customer base by giving them the tools they need to break into new niche areas, such as the growing e-Discovery market.

About MailArchiva

MailArchiva is an email archiving software product for organizations of all sizes. It is used by thousands of businesses, educational institutions and government agencies around the world to satisfy e-Discovery requests. The product was originally released as an open source email archiving solution in 2005. After receiving huge interest from companies, Stimulus Software commercialized it and released MailArchiva Enterprise Edition in 2006.

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