Make 2016 EPIC! – Connecting Your Way into SALES

Make 2016 EPIC! – Connecting Your Way into SALES
Event on 2016-01-28 18:00:00
She Rocks He Rolls – Make 2016 EPIC! “Connecting Your Way into Sales” As a business owner, you are in sales whether you think so or not. So looking back now, did 2015 live up to your expectations? • Does the mention of selling make your stomach turn? • Do you feel like you spend a lot of time on sales “tactics” that are not getting any meaningful results? • Did you hear “no” when you thought for sure it should have been an enthusiastic “YES!”? • Do you see the opportunities that social media offer but don’t know where or how to start? You are a business professional who is good at what you do. Your products and services are of great value to your clients. You have so much unleashed potential and you know it. But how do you stand out from the crowd? The good news is that your 2016 does not have to be a carbon copy of 2015. Join us for an evening of inspiration and motivation, learning from other professional men and women who have been where you are, sharing their sales experiences as entrepreneurs. You will gain insight into what works and why. You’ll be equipped with some practical tools – Turn No’s into YES! Turning Your Connections into Sales and Social Media Marketing – to create more sales and abundance! There will be ample networking opportunities so make sure to bring your business cards! Plus we’ve included a facilitated networking segment so even if you’re feeling shy or just starting out, we’ll show you an easy way to introduce yourself and get yourself out there. Sothea Yi – Red Carpet Sales Turn No's into YES! Now   Sothea is the Red Carpet Sales Trainer at Andrea Ivanka International™. As a professional with over a decade of experience in the corporate world, he's worked with Fortune500 companies and some of the most admired companies in the world. He generated over 0,000 in his last position in only 3 short months. He's also held Sales & Marketing positions with Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires. Sothea came across one of Andrea's training that helped him sky rocket his sales and due to the tremendous results, he decided to join forces with Andrea to share this to the world. Sothea's going to show you a very simple, predictable, easy process and replicatable way of closing sales. In his spare time, Sothea likes to exercise and he has already achieved what only 1% of humanity is able to accomplish when it comes to competitive lifting. His dream is to represent team Canada at the world's in powerlifting in 2017. Melissa Romolo – Entrepreneur Transformation Coach Turning Your Connections Into Sales Melissa Romolo is on a mission to help network marketers tap into their potential and create success in a powerful yet often misunderstood industry.  As a network marketer herself, she resonates with the challenges faced by her peers.  She helps them to breakthrough their limiting beliefs, learn new skills, inspire action and achieve results.    Her vision is to have network marketers be prevalently seen as influential and respected professionals, in line with owners of more traditional businesses.  Melissa has been an entrepreneursince graduating from Ryerson Polytechnic University in 1998.  Trained as an accountant, she has over 18 years experience working with small business owners – from start-ups to established businesses in various industries.    Added to her financial savvy, Melissa brings another three years of internet marketing experience.    Known for developing strong business relationships that stand the test of time, Melissa is a natural mentor for those looking to improve their networking skills. Terry Nason – Digital Marketing Strategist Using Social Media to Foster Connections  Ms. Terry Nason is a Canadian marketing professional and the Founder and acting President of Pro3D Multimedia. Her passion is to educate, lecture and promote on-line marketing using ever changing mediums to develop and implement strategic marketing plan incentives.    With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in business and accredited designations in the financial industry, she has led business development in a variety of industries with a focus on marketing, health and financial. Prior to founding Pro3D Multimedia, Terry held various leadership positions as president for Intel3D Multimedia, DAA, Truestar for Women, Nason & Partners Wealth Management and Kreative Kids.    Terry has also enjoyed a successful tenure as a spokesperson on various health topics such as nutrition, exercise, vitamins, attitude and sleep, with a focus on women. She has made guest appearances on various TV and radio programs, acted as an official corporate spokesperson and appeared in corporate, fitness, business and marketing videos. She has lectured to live audiences as a motivational speaker and has co-authored a best-selling book, 'Total Health and Weight Loss, The Truestar Way'.  Her endeavours have a reputation for leadership, creativity and profitability. She has been the Director of a number of health and media companies and continues to bring leadership to early stage businesses. Ed Mercer – Millionaire Mentor New Year, New Career Being an entrepreneur all his life, Ed Mercer has devoted himself to personal success and that of those around him. Mr. Mercer has owned several of his own businesses taking them to the top of their field. As a self made millionaire at age 27 he has amassed an incredible repertoire of achievements; including working around the world and helping 35 other people become millionaires. Presently, he is a net-worth billionaire.    As the largest private developer in Costa Rica, Mr. Mercer and his wife visited the country over 20 years ago as guests, only to stay and make it their home. Together they ventured in to the land development business amassing over 6,000 acres of breathtaking land and created a one-stop-shop facility for North Americans which simplified the buying process. Today, Mr. Mercer owns over 23,000 acres of pristine land in beautiful Costa Rica and is only second in employment of Costa Ricans to that of the government of Costa Rica itself.    Still considering himself a student of business he perseveres to continue to be the best in his field and never give in to, what he calls, “the disease of complacency”. Honored to be a regular contributor to The Performance Magazine, Mr. Mercer shares his knowledge with thousands of readers, in the hope that his writings will make it a little easier for those who are pursuing their own dreams.    Considering Costa Rica his home, Mr. Mercer has become an active philanthropist and member of Habit for Humanity, National Geographic, The World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and many other similar organizations. Ed Mercer has set his target to give back and help the community around him. His greatest personal achievement is the founding of “The Edward R. Mercer Foundation” which is dedicated to the betterment of the planet through ecological conservation and education.  Host: Deborah Ferdinand – Cognitive Business Writer  Deborah is a Business Writer and owner of Creative Consulting Services.   With over 30 years experience in B2B sales and marketing, Deborah always found herself being trained or having to train someone in a new process. What intrigued her most was the lack of clarity and flow; most times she rewrote the processes and procedures and shared the revisions.   After many years of success as a Technology Sales Executive for 3 Montreal based firms, she grew leery of her chosen client base the Government and Military.  Transplanted to Ontario in November of 2009, Deborah found it difficult to land that “special job” and began relying on her business writing skills to pay the bills! The realization that she had a viable service  came in 2012 while in traffic on the 401 and the name Creative Consulting Services was born and so was the idea to offer business writing services, but with an original ,customer tailored and creative style – no templates.   Deborah lives in Brampton, enjoys writing operations manuals, researching subjects and learning something new every day.  Deborah shares her life with daughters Cassandra, Brittany and grandson Garrett-Leo

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