Make More With AdSense Using Placement Targeting

Tips on how to make more money with Google Adsnese. More details here….
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  2. Lisa i have a cricket coaching channel which i have just added videos 2 again after not adding videos for about 2 years …….i am getting lots of interest in google ads but the cpc is unsatisfactory shall we say – i am only on youtube can this work and do you have any other videos you can suggest for me please …..or do u coach people like myself ….in these situations .please and thank you Jemile

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  8. What is your advise for people who have had their AdSense account’s closed down for Invalid click activity when they haven’t done anything?! I’ve e-mailed the support e-mail, I’ve appealed… and they reject or don’t respond. Seriously….

  9. This is a very interesting and useful video, particularly for people like me who have a niche subject on both my blog and youtube sites. I kept seeing the “Custom channel” tab and never understood what it was about before! Only a slight suggestion but I thought I’d bookmarked this video and then lost it so I kept googling “Lisa” and “Custom Channel” without success – so perhaps putting it in the tags would be useful. Thanks for this and Best Wishes from France, Organikmechanic aka Andy

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