Make Search Work: Helping Businesses Succeed Online

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) April 15, 2015

Offering effective search engine optimization services and a comprehensive suite of online marketing strategies, Make Search Work launches this week with a clear mission: To provide digital marketing services for those who demand the best.

Most small businesses know they need an online presence, and its rare to find a company that doesnt at least have a rudimentary website. But many companies are at a loss on how to proceed next, and large digital advertising agencies are often too pricey for a small business budget.

Make Search Work aims to change all of that, offering strong marketing strategies for every size budget. Using a mix of cutting edge tools and unique custom strategies, they are able to do much more than just drive traffic to your website – they can turn that traffic into engaged, paying customers.

Make Search Work specializes in search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, conversion optimization, web development, advanced analytics, and more. With a dedicated team of professionals, Make Search Work can find solutions for even the most complex of problems.

Learning how to build a successful digital marketing campaign isnt easy. Too many business owners decide to go it alone when it comes to their online advertising strategy, says Jacob Martus, founding partner and lead account executive at Make Search Work. We treat our clients like partners and we know if they dont succeed, neither do we. Were committed to providing our clients a level of service and accountability that they wont find anywhere else.

Make Search Work will design and implement a custom marketing strategy based on business size, budget, target market, and competition. Using a variety of tools and software solutions, they ensure promotional content is seen by your target customers. Testing and detailed analytics are used at every step of the way to consistently improve return on investment.

Proven low-risk, high-gain strategies are employed at all points in the process. Their team is constantly studying and adjusting their strategies to stay on top of search. While most agencies focus on an integrated solution, Make Search Work specializes in only digital forms of advertising. Instead of a jack of all trades – youll get a master of 1.

For detailed information on affordable and effective digital marketing solutions visit and see how we helped a business increase their annual sales from $ 1.5m to $ 5m.

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