MakerBot TV S02E11 – MakerBot A Robot!

The MakerBot design team is building a Robot Petting Zoo to bring to this year’s Maker Faire. In this video you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how they conceptualized, designed and created these amazing DIY robots! Visit us at Thank You: Michael Curry, Adam Fontenault, Jason Bakutis, Todd Blatt Thingiverse Users: MNinventer and tetnum Music: Lo spirito binario del Natale – Emiglino Cicala ( Medley Little Bit of Everything – Vess L. Ossman ( Intro Music – Alan Bjorklund Produced by Annelise Jeske and Josh Friedman

15 Replies to “MakerBot TV S02E11 – MakerBot A Robot!”

  1. Is it possible´╗┐ to make robots that not only looks fancy but actually can perform some kind of more serious mechanically useful task? That would be very interesting to see

  2. I don’t think @tedRobotBuilder wanted you to show making robots, but to show how to design and make´╗┐ mechanical parts like gears etc using the 3D printer to make them.

  3. Just a quick note – capacitive sensing works by charging an element and watching how fast the charge dissipates. When the charge dissipates quickly, it means there is a large body that is accepting the charge nearby, and the device should react somehow. This´╗┐ technology relies on changing electric fields due to the charged capacitive load, not magnetic fields as the term “inductive fields” (there is no such thing) might suggest.

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