MakerBot TV S02E11 – MakerBot A Robot!

The MakerBot design team is building a Robot Petting Zoo to bring to this year’s Maker Faire. In this video you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how they conceptualized, designed and created these amazing DIY robots! Visit us at Thank You: Michael Curry, Adam Fontenault, Jason Bakutis, Todd Blatt Thingiverse Users: MNinventer and tetnum Music: Lo spirito binario del Natale – Emiglino Cicala ( Medley Little Bit of Everything – Vess L. Ossman ( Intro Music – Alan Bjorklund Produced by Annelise Jeske and Josh Friedman

15 thoughts on “MakerBot TV S02E11 – MakerBot A Robot!

  1. Is it possible to make robots that not only looks fancy but actually can perform some kind of more serious mechanically useful task? That would be very interesting to see

  2. I don’t think @tedRobotBuilder wanted you to show making robots, but to show how to design and make mechanical parts like gears etc using the 3D printer to make them.

  3. Just a quick note – capacitive sensing works by charging an element and watching how fast the charge dissipates. When the charge dissipates quickly, it means there is a large body that is accepting the charge nearby, and the device should react somehow. This technology relies on changing electric fields due to the charged capacitive load, not magnetic fields as the term “inductive fields” (there is no such thing) might suggest.

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