Making a Google Chrome Theme – Part 2 – Images and Starting code Part 2 of 4 part video series showing in detail how to make a Google Chrome theme. This one deals with images, sizes, and starts the coding and installing of the theme.
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14 Responses to Making a Google Chrome Theme – Part 2 – Images and Starting code

  1. SubtitlesProductions says:

    Why are people so good with photoshop and gimp :/

  2. JsKingBoo says:

    Then go watch Luigi’s Mansion gameplay. My minions make a lot of guest appearances 😉

  3. Austin Devlin says:


  4. Deosarran Ramsingh says:

    btw i used the developer packing tools and the thing gave me an erroe message and i did the thing just like you said so a little help?

  5. Deosarran Ramsingh says:

    o no it went away

  6. Sky Mage says:

    Can you just recomment something for unreadable file json? it gives errors here … CAN’T Pack that thing!

  7. DESIBLEED says:

    lol is it just me or did the sound run away at 1:09? o.O

  8. JsKingBoo says:

    Only PNG and JPEG files work. BMP, GIF, etc do not work

  9. Xane Myers says:

    Right-click a bookmark, click “Edit” and erase the Title. (What WOOHOJEHA said)

  10. zik1zik says:

    use photo filtre

  11. WOOHOJEHA says:

    Just edit and don’t put anything as a title.

  12. happo555 says:

    i have a kind of stupid question. at 3:10 your on chrome, and your bookmarks haven’t got names, just icons. how to you remove the name, and leave the icon? is it an extension? if so, what’s its name? please help! thanks

  13. Quad9556 says:

    I’m having a problem, I got Notepad++, but it won’t save as a .json file. Do I type .json at the end of the file name? Can you help me please?

  14. CKatherynK92 says:

    So i’m getting an access denied error when i go to test the first frame thingo. Anyone know what thats about?

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