Making a HQ screenshot in Sony Vegas

Hello, this is my first ever tutorial so be nice ^^ my voice is dull so beware! Don’t go to sleep :) This tutorial will teach you how to create an extremely high quality screenshot straight from Sony Vegas. I hope this is good enough 😛 Download link: xx by serp- #Steamworks @ Gamesurge
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21 Responses to Making a HQ screenshot in Sony Vegas

  1. dariolo says:

    amazing sir!thx!worked out perfectly smooth!

  2. PlanetVyctory says:

    WTF how does blurry = best?

  3. Stefan Ljungström says:


  4. Gavin Bojjinsworth says:


  5. TheAerodos says:

    I feel like I’m listening to a british version of Bob Ross. haha. Nice tut.

  6. Eh Sallami says:

    Nice,thanks dude! 

  7. GuuppariV2 says:

    Thanks, this helped mate :)

  8. seatgurus says:

    awesome. thx

  9. fireflyfilmsuk says:

    Thanks for this. Its staring me in the face.

  10. SnapItsShaz says:

    Thank you!

  11. Amused says:

    Thank you so much that helped!

  12. MartinGro131 says:

    thx, if i had cared enough too look for that screenshot button by myself I’d have found what I was looking for sooner or later, but I’m lazy and your video helped 😉 thx again

  13. paul reynolds says:

    You are a star!

  14. marc46o says:

    Thanks man, you really helped me out there. I’m quite new to vegas, so I pretty much discover something new each day, just like now^^

  15. FrostyUnicornRider95 says:

    thanks dude, im high so i agree with the guy up there ^ chilllin

  16. nsashby says:

    Thanks for posting this, exactly what I needed. Ignore ownthispwn.

  17. Weeklycap says:

    when i zoom in on the screenshot its low qual thats what i needed help with i cant see text in chat etc which i can on the video itself if u kno what i mean

  18. SubTachyon says:


  19. Soph Lee says:

    I watched this for the tutorial but now I just watch so I can listen to your voice ahahah.

  20. Daniel Busow says:

    cheers m8! 

  21. zachinger says:

    Thanks mate

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