Making Money Online – Weekend Workshop in Cape Town, S.A.

Making Money Online – Weekend Workshop in Cape Town, S.A.
Event on 2013-09-07 09:30:00
Weekend Workshop – Making Money Online


Where & When:
Cape Town, South Africa
Weekend of 7th & 8th September, 2013 Summary:

Two days with Mike Berry, teaching you in-depth one simple formula to provide a valuable service to your local business owners.
This one process takes only a few minutes per client & they will happily pay you for this handsomely.

More Information:

Business owners all agree that none of them would search to Page 40 of the Google search results simply to find what they were looking for.  And if there are 57 million results for a search term, there is NO WAY that their customer is going to find their business within that cyber space.

Only the business owner can truly calculate how much they could generate as a result of being found on the first page of Google (and we can do this even if they don't have a website!)

In our recent survey, we discovered that 100% of business owners would be delighted to pay a minimum of £150 to have a link to their website on the first page of Google natural search results (not pay-per-click)… and most of them will happily commit to a further £50pm to retain that first page position (just like going to the gym, you can't expect to only do the work once, and hope that nobody else will push you out later)


You will learn HOW to create a video, How to get it onto the first page of Google NATURAL (not PPC) search results, and How to easily charge for a service that takes very little time & effort (once you know how).


The client's video took literally only a few minutes to create, and is on first page of Google for the client's keywords "Weight Loss Ashford"… a highly competitive term, and is in the client's geographical location (he's a Personal Trainer, so location is also important).

NEVER AGAIN will you ever worry about a financial recession!

About the Weekend:

Mike Berry will teach us what he was teaching the teenagers in Belgium;
* How to quickly and simply help local business owners by getting them noticed on the first page of Google, even if they don’t currently have a website.
* Mike will show us how to create a video,
* Optimise it for Google searches
* and use leverage to get the video optimised 
* and onto the first page of Google.
* Mike will also show us how to make money without even speaking to a physical person,
* How to get others to do the work,
* How to continue to be paid whilst we sleep,
* How to upsell & cross-sell additional packages,
* and how to hold your head high with integrity for doing a job well-done.

Mike is all about Win:Win:Win strategies & he has even offered to host a third day totally free for all those that are interested and can attend.


About Mike Berry

Mike generated his first income online seventeen years ago.
He created the first Internet Summit in Scotland, and he has spoken on the internet platform around the world.
He continues to generate 100% of his income via the web, and we are extremely lucky to have a couple of days with him to benefit from his thousands of hours of experience & wisdom & contagious enthusiasm.



“You will get all you want in life,
if you help enough other people get what they want.”

 Zig Ziglar




All workshops are two-day events, and all will offer a third day as a free bonus for anyone that is interested and can join us.

All workshops are designed to give you the full tools & knowledge required to allow you to help your local business owners, and supply a service which takes you only a few minutes to provide, and yet the business owners will be delighted to pay for this service.

All workshops have been restricted to only £600, with maximum of 12 participants on a first-come basis.  £150 deposit to hold your seat, and £150 payable two weeks prior to event date, with the balance payable at the door on arrival at beginning of the event.



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Cape Town, South Africa

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