Making Money With Email Marketing & Internet Marketing

LINK: True, if you want to make money online the money is in “The List”. You will hear that again & again but it’s very impo…

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19 Responses to Making Money With Email Marketing & Internet Marketing

  1. RamPam says:

    did anyone try the Super List Method? if so was is worth it.

  2. danny5467 says:

    thanks king human i have created my own product, will be selling on amazon in a few days cant wait to see what happens. 

  3. Douglas Allen says:

    hmm Is it worth the risk to buy the Super List Method?

  4. SIMPLE MAN says:

    grate points KH i learned a lot from your videos I’m righting an ebook. i agree that there r haters out there cause i have been hated on names charles chuck fitch ebayisajoke he threatened to call my job at lowes and my axon acct. everyone ebayisajoke threatned call canton michigan police 734/394-5400 oakland county sherrifs dept Road Patrol Command Desk: 248-858-4954 WJBK fox 2 news tip sheet file a report him cause he is going to be jailed

  5. Danielsgamingchanne1 says:

    with the super list money program what are you selling is it linked to ebay or?? is it legal what he is doing?? what products do you sell using it?? please let me know 

  6. William Mathieson says:

    King human, your a funny guy! But great video -:-) keep them coming

  7. steel .cityshirts says:

    I wondered why you disabled comments. I bought the book and made contact with one of his reps. Good advice KH. This is the way to go and like you say it aint rocket science.

  8. Shannon Smith says:

    creating a superlist from what sources? Then emailing them- isn’t that SPAM and is it illegal? 

  9. FreedomForceUSA says:

    My channel, we discuss wealth building principles of all kinds. Opinions, politics, self development. No BS, nothing to buy, just decent videos and conversation. Check it out.

  10. FreeHelper says:

    Hello King Human. My name is Donald and I am 17 years old. I have been watching your videos for a few months now and, for the majority, I have enjoyed. The most recent thing that you have posted (about the super list) is the first thing that I have truly felt confident enough to give it a try. As I watched the videos, and listened to everything that Alex was saying, I thought about what you do. My question to you is are you willing to allow me to interview you on your success as a online business person?

  11. the3dultimate says:

    Really, 644 videos saying: “I never drink again”, also I repeat that!

  12. Drumlover182 says:

    I bought it also. Really cool! I definitely recommend it. Huge value for a cheap product!

  13. mixxndj says:

    I’m never drinking again! Lmao… 

  14. zerofatzreturns says:

    Super List Method was a good recommendation man. Really cool product.

  15. Azonide Zercon says:

    the link is out for free if you just google it.

  16. Jayde Ash says:

    First ,,Hey Dave….

  17. Cheeky Saver says:

    Hey I hope you feel better and that your brain cells recover fast LOL :)

  18. Davao SEO says:

    Amazing video +KingHuman ! Thanks for sharing.

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