Making Money With Mobile Apps

Making Money With Mobile Apps
Event on 2016-08-23 19:30:00
The 3 Most Important Things You Must Know To Start Making Money From Mobile Apps In The Next 10 Days. ***FREE BOOK FOR ATTENDEES*** APPSOLUTELY: How Anyone Can Appsolutely Create a Money-Making App in 10 Days or Less Are you looking to make more passive income for yourself, or increase sales to your business? If you would like to stand out from your competitors, or start a new source of income (while keeping your day job), join us on this special workshop. We're going to show you: How to make another ,000-,000 every month on autopilot. Our top tools that will help you 'Hack' your way to beautiful and professional looking mobile apps in minutes even if you have no technical knowledge. How to get your app to be ranked #1 in the Appstore so that you get truckloads of free traffic every single day. Making money money with mobile apps can be done without being an expert, and we're going to show you how! WHO SHOULD ATTEND? – Full Time Employees – Business Owners – Startups  – Funding Seekers – Learners See you there! Lim TianyiMD, Appsolutely Technologies Pte Ltd. ABOUT THE SPEAKER With over 11 years in the Internet marketing business, Tian started making a passive income online when he was 19 years old, serving full time in the national service years. He has experience in article marketing, search engine optimization, Adsense and Adwords advertising, list building, blogging, video marketing and many other marketing strategies. He authored his first healthy recipe book which became the best seller for its topic at 22 years of age while still a full time student at Singapore’s Management University. In 2010, Tian met a horrific car accident which nearly costed his life. His mentor told him "when you are driving, you cannot just look at the car directly in front of you, you must look at the car in front of the car in front of you.” He learned that in business, we cannot just look at the current methods of growing your business and overcoming current challenges, we need to also look at the market trends 5 years or 10 years down the road. From this new life experience and revelation, Tian has been studying intensively about the future of marketing and discovered the wonderful world of mobile apps and its business potential. He is now devoted to sharing the message of mobile apps and entrepreneurship with people all over the world.   Now he’s a mentor to numerous business and non-profit organizations in various industries such as accounting, dating, investments, real estates, food, laundry, coffee, photography, events, kickboxing, music, education, marketing, fashion, insurance, fitness, healthcare, dance, elderly, community services and many more. He cares deeply about people and is passionate about what he does.    Tian is now a a full time speaker, trainer and consultant. On June 1st, 2014, Tian shared the stage with Gerry Robert and spoke at the National Achiever’s Congress, Singapore’s most premier business conference, with approximately 7,000 people in attendance. Tian has also been invited to speak to people of different countries outside of Singapore, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Romania.   Lim Tianyi is also the co-founder and managing director of Appsolutely Technologies Pte Ltd, which helps businesses integrate their websites and mobile apps together to market and grow their business. He is also an Internet marketing and mobile app marketing consultant helping individuals start their own Internet and mobile app business, as well as helping existing business owners grow their sales and profits.   He actively participates in community and missionary work. His main objective of being an entrepreneur and speaking is to help more people achieve greater successes in life by creating more passive income, have more free time, and let technology work for them. He believes that entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned and achieved with diligence and determination. Follow Lim Tianyi at or contact him at

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