Making Pancakes w/ Bing! // Slo-Mo Test Lab (Ep13)

Making Pancakes w/ Bing! // Slo-Mo Test Lab (Ep13)

Have your ingredients ready because today we’re making pancakes with Bing! SUBSCRIBE for more sloooo-mooo actiooonnn… ► Pancake Tossing: Want to make some pancakes that are just a little different this Easter? This is Cooking with Bing… and it’s flipping great. Slo-Mo Test Lab takes videos of iconic Guinness World Records, from watermelon smashing with the head to backflipping over speeding cars, and brings them to viewers in ultra-slow-motion beauty, presented by Bing ( “”Guinness World Records: OMG!”” is the Officially Amazing brand new YouTube channel from the world’s global authority on record-breaking. Featuring 100% new and original material from all 4 corners of the Guinness World Records globe, the channel follows YouTube’s biggest stars as they meet the world’s most amazing record-breaking people and places — and challenge some world records of their own! LIKE us on Facebook: FOLLOW us on Twitter: Find out more: Add us to your G+ circles: All record information referenced was accurate on the day of recording. © 2012 Guinness World Records Limited
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Making Pancakes w/ Bing! // Slo-Mo Test Lab (Ep13)

  1. Sophie Hendy says:


  2. Molderp says:

    looks like Dave Grohl young!!

  3. esmehayes2 says:

    Pancake days tomorrow

  4. Callum Gerrard says:

    That’s a weird pancake mix

  5. tymki says:

    Bing you’re awesome… Now when’s pancake day…?

  6. mobscast says:

    There not making pancakes there making me hungry

  7. defenderofthecastle says:

    Came for the Bing, stayed for the Bing.

  8. kaka mejo says:

    Fk you you r not funny this is food why you throw it poor people cant find food :(

  9. MaybeYouWereWonderin says:

    I wants some pancakes now :3

  10. chloe shannon says:

    i just realized why they probably got Bing to d this one cause his name in slomozovo and its calle slo-mo

  11. Lofi Nad says:

    dude dont play with food some people needs that but great video :)

  12. DwelvenCentral says:

    Bing what drug do you take

  13. Merilin Raidmets says:

    Well… That’s one way to make the dough :D

  14. jimbob jellybean says:

    Delia smiths recipe is better

  15. mellkarim says:

    no wonder he is soo skinny. he makes pancakes then throw it in the air and hit it with his frying pan.

  16. franciastori says:

    Pretty jumper ahahahahahah

  17. FavorInParis says:

    Bing kinda looks like Nick Grimshaw….

  18. Quirkney says:

    We can only hope XD

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