Making the Best of “Bring Your Own Device”

Making the Best of “Bring Your Own Device”
Event on 2013-06-20 09:00:00

Have coworkers bringing their iPads to staff meetings? Receiving questions about how to get work email on your colleague's Andriod phone? The prospect of embracing the trend to allow staff to use their own mobile devices can be scary, but the slow march towards this new reality is in many ways as inevitable as accepting that staff are also active on social media.

So what's an organization to do? Attend this session, of course! Join us as speaker Dan Moshe shares his tips on how you can harness this trend to create productivity while mitigating the risk factors. An experienced IT consultant, Dan will share with us how nonprofits he's worked with have created successful policies to deal with this trend.

Dan's talk will cover important facets of this issue including how to manage devices, Apps and how you can leverage different levels of controls or user roles. His goal is to help you understand the technological terrain so you can align your own BYOD policy with your organization's mission.

What you'll take away:

  • A framework for understanding the BYOD and consumerization of IT trends
  • A sampling of BYOD approaches/alternatives with case studies to illustrate from other nonprofits
  • Strategies and tactics you can take back to your organization

Speaker: Dan Moshe, CEO of Tech Guru

Dan Moshe is the CEO of Tech Guru, a Minneapolis technology solutions provider serving small businesses and non-profits. Dan founded Tech Guru in 2004 as a new and much-needed approach to IT services — technologists as caring, attentive and trusted advisors. Today, Tech Guru helps boost the bottom line of its diverse client roster with forward-thinking IT solutions delivered with unparalleled efficiency and care. Beyond Tech Guru, Dan is actively involved with the Entrepreneurs' Organization Accelerator Program. Dan welcomes questions on business growth strategies, especially those that tap into Google Apps, the cloud, and other powerful technology tools. 

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