Making the Portrait’s Secret: The Documentary

Making the Portrait’s Secret: The Documentary
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                       Making the Portrait's Secret: The Documentary

  Produced By Planet Films

Welcome to  "Making the Portrait's Secret" a documentary about  the psychological drama full length film, The Portrait’s Secret (El Secreto del Retrato) directed by Dr. Janet Alvarez Gonzalez an international investigative reporter, writer, director and producer.

 "Making the Portrait's Secret" is a documentary of the participants of the full lengh film "The Portrait's Secret" (El Secreto del Retrato). The Portrait's Secret includes the particpation of 49 Class A actors and Academy Award Creative Producers from 19 countries from United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and Soth America, the Caribbean and Europe.

This documentary it is going to be transmitted live all over the world via internet for socially responsible viwers like you.  Through this holistic approach we seek to share and disseminate experiences  and propose new ways of living to promote fairness, justice and dignity in our world.

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                                  About the movie that we are Making

"The Portrait’s Secret" is a multi-story tale that denounces various violations of human rights and ecological abuse.

"The Portrait's Secret” is a group of international actors, writers and producers from all over the world who seek to stimulate, generate, integrate and disseminate experiences of psychological and physical abuse. Through this effort we seek to promote fairness, justice and dignity in the world by discussing, sharing, promoting, acting, filming and distributing The Portrait’s Secret.


 P A R T I C I P A N T S


Carlos Carrasco: Hollywood Actor from the films: Parker, Speed, Without Men.



          Carolyn Zeller: Hollywood Actress, from: The New Faces of America.

Rafael Fernandez Viedma: Clasical Music Composer arranger and violist of Spanish National Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Granada (Spain), Seville Royal Symphony Orchestra.  



Joaquin Peruchet – CFO Planet Films; Former Economic Director of The Puerto Rico Planning Board- State Economist.


The Portrait Secret is produced by a Rowlett production house Planet Films, an awarded film company that seeks to produce compelling dramas to achieve a better way of life.



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