MALEKKO Adds Automatic Drawing Title Block Fill-in Feature to Xzibitware

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 07, 2012

MALEKKO Software Systems announced today that Xzibitware has another tool in its extensive set of time-saving tools for those creating exhibit drawings using AutoCAD. This one is called AutoTBlock, a tool for taking existing information and filling-in most, if not all, of a users drawing Title Block automatically at the push of a button.

The concept is not a new one to AutoCAD users. Some users first started writing AutoLisp routines to do this several years ago and even a few third-party AutoCAD add-ons have included default drawing title blocks that supported this capability. This provided a convenient and efficient way to fill-in title block information. But, for any single drawing with 6 to 10 fields of title block information to be filled-in, the time-savings achieved was relatively minor. Only when multiple drawings share most of the same title block information (as in a large project drawing set) do time-savings become meaningful.

One of the criteria for any tool we have added to Xzibitware has always been that it must provide a substantial time savings to the user, said Richard Maddox, president of MALEKKO Software Systems in Atlanta. Until recently, we didnt perceive filling-in a title block to be a big time-saver. But, since Xzibitware first came available, weve had users enter Exhibit Project information that is saved in a data record and later used to automatically fill-in the heading section of all our exhibit project materials reports. A lot of that information could have been placed in a drawing title block as well. The project records contain information such as Event Name\Description, Client Company\Project Name, Venue Name and location, Booth\Stand ID, Job Code (from accounting), Work Order#, Salesperson (A/E), Designer, Design due date, Turnkey budget amount, and a memo field for miscellaneous data.

What compelled us to add AutoTBlock to Xzibitware is the fact that exhibit project documentation packages for larger and more complex exhibits will contain numerous sheets of drawings, each one of which will have a title block. With that in mind, helping the user fill-in each title block at the push of a button can begin to offer meaningful time savings (and help avoid typos in those title blocks). And, another reason for developing AutoTBlock was that a senior detailer at a major exhibit company let us know that, once he created an exhibit project information record, he expected our product to include a way to help him avoid the hassle of filling-in a drawing title block with much of the same information when he set up a new drawing. That comment tipped the scales toward adding AutoTBlock to Xzibitware, said Maddox.

A PDF File that describes how to utilize AutoTBlock is available here and also on MALEKKOS web site (in the Online Manual section of the User Interface page).

Since 1995, MALEKKO Software Systems has been working with exhibit designers and detailers to identify their needs when creating exhibit structural detail drawings and exhibit materials lists. Their guidance has resulted in the Xzibitware software product created specifically for those working to design and/or detail Exhibits using AutoCAD. Current product users range from small design studios and independent designers/detailers to major exhibit design companies. Xzibitware works inside both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of AutoCAD 2010, 2011, 2012, and AutoCADs newest version, AutoCAD 2013.

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