MAMA 2014 – Seo Taiji + IU + Vasco + ZICO

The legendary, Seo Taiji took over the MAMA 2014 stage with his past and present hits featuring IU, Vasco, and Block B’s Zico! * This video is exclusive to t…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “MAMA 2014 – Seo Taiji + IU + Vasco + ZICO

  1. It would’ve been so fucking perfect if Come Back Home transitioned to 2ne1’s Come Back Home and they rose up from beneath the stage about to slay your fucking life!!!! I need this!! 

  2. I don’t understand why this section has almost the fewest views out of all the performances. I mean I guess Seo Taiji isn’t as well known now by the younger kpop fandom that seems to comprise the viewership, but still. In my opinion this performance totally stole the show. I love Come Back Home and really enjoyed its sort of slight reworking – it had everything I loved about the original with a slightly different sound that I enjoyed so much, and the other songs were so excellent, too.

  3. This version of Come back home would be way better with Swings + Vasco+ Seo Taiji & Masta Wu. This dude with sunglasses sucks balls his part was awful. 

  4. What was the name of the first song (in English)? It had a really nice shoegaze feel to it. (I know my comment seems out of place probably because people seem to be commenting about everything else but that…) Edit: And I knew who Seo Taiji was, but I didn’t know he did this kind of music. I gotta listen to every song of his now. * __ *

  5. At exactly 12:53 in this video is that Sunggyu who’s rocking out back there behind PO on the left side of the screen. Well, we always knew Guy liked rock music.

  6. Did Zico get his own stage or was this it? If it was, it’s bs… Zico himself could have put that building on fire. GD got his own stage and he’s not half the rapper Zico is. I’m a fan of both so no hating here. Just saying…

  7. The cameraman is so annoying. I think the drummer have more screentime than the actual performers. The camera did not even properly focus Zico & Vasco. Like WTH cameraman?! 

  8. Omfg look for these dorks! I just love how BTS and Block B seem so comfortable together as good friends! Kookie dancing with UKwon and the boys in background being total fanboys. It’s so beautiful! And I only saw the Ukwon whispering something pro Jimin? huhuhuhu I just want more and more and more BTS w/ Block B now, srsly And IU cute reaction <3

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