Man-In-The-Cloud Owns Your DropBox, Google Drive — Sans Malware

Man-In-The-Cloud Owns Your DropBox, Google Drive — Sans Malware
BLACK HAT USA — Las Vegas — Using no malware or stolen credentials, attackers could obtain complete access to a user's Google Drive or DropBox account, steal data, and corrupt legitimate files with malicious code to infect target users. It's called a …
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Cupertino teens are finalists in Google science fair
Google is encroaching into Apple territory again: This time, to reward two Cupertino teenagers for their scientific endeavors. Anika Cheerla, above left, and Tanay Tandon, above right, are among 20 global finalists in the 5th annual Google Science Fair.
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Google and AT&T have been dragged into the wiretapping allegations against Apple
Google and AT&T have both filed motions requesting that material they disclose in the lawsuit's "discovery" phase will be kept confidential, under seal. So we won't know exactly what they're telling Apple or the plaintiffs, or what Google and AT&T will …
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